Available Services

We can take custom ordered land or aerial panoramas of any location* in Southern California, AND, we can produce custom ordered videos, any length, of any location.*  We also can produce maps, or rotating spherical panoramas perfect for awesome rooms and  vistas (check out the panoramas at the bottom of the page here).  Videos can be ordered with or without music.†  Please see the Panorama and Aerial Photography pages for more samples.  Send us a request for quote using the Contact Form and we will get back to you the same day, if possible.

We are licensed pilots.  The pilot in command for your mission will have an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot certificate, with a small unmanned aircraft system rating.  We obtain liability insurance for each flight, with you as an additional insured.

We can place arrows, circles, or other custom labels or indicators on pictures or videos, if you desire.  Maps can be annotated by you on-line.  Off-line use in almost a dozen formats is available at no extra cost.

Unless ordered without credits, videos will have an introductory Barking Deer image, and credit.

Panoramas will be delivered in jpg format, sized to your requirements, either by email, or on USB drive if requested.  

Videos will be delivered in MP4 format on a USB drive.  Videos will also be available on Vimeo (or YouTube if you request) so that you can use the link in marketing or reports.

Reasonable flat rates will be quoted in advance.  

All commercial aerial work includes liability insurance.

Some examples of uses:

1.  REAL ESTATE — Have us produce a compelling panorama that you can use as a banner in your marketing, or an awe inspiring video that you can link to from the MLS page or online marketing platform.  Or, provide your clients with elevation maps proving proper drainage.

2.  INSPECTIONS — Have us perform a non-invasive overflight of roofs, buildings, towers, etc.  You can do this post damage, but it is very useful (and at a low cost) to document the state of the premises before any damage or work is performed.  This is especially useful for insurance underwriting, or inspection of remote of angerous areas.  We can also enhance inspection photos to isolate and identify regions of interest (e.g., circle possible damaged portions of a roof, etc.)  Before installation of solor panels, for example, we can document the condition of the roof.  Orthographic maps, and elevation maps will become essential to provide state of the art inspection services.  Include JPGs of the maps with your inspection reports.

3.  CONSTRUCTION — We can document the state of construction (of any size project) helping you keep track of large or small projects. We can measure volume and area, enabling you to verify grading and digging.

4.  AGRICULTURE — (Coming soon) We can provide overflight of fields in any desired spectral frequency, allowing you to obtain normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) images and other remote sensing measurements, to assess the health of crops.  With 1 centimeter per pixel resolution you can also inspect feagtures that were previously out of reach or too expensive to image.

5.  HEALTH AND SAFETY — We can provide overflight to assist in search and rescue missions, and (coming soon) long wave infrared imaging which could assist in location and identification of heat signatures.

The possibitlies are endless.  We invite you to contact us us for a no obligation consultation.  Mr. Rose holds a Master of Science degree in Imaging Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology, so for most any use you can think of, we can tell you whether we can do it.

*The FAA regulates the National Airspace, and some locations in Southern California may not be accessible for aerial photography, or be subject to temporary flight restrictions.  We will check this before we fly.

†Syncronizing music to video requires a sync license, and we will advise you whether your order requires any special handling.  We also have a source of royalty free music that might suit your needs.

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